Lesson Plan: ESA (Engaged, Study, Activate)

Menyambung dari postingan sebelumnya tentang ESA (Engaged, Study, Activate), metode pembelajaran ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan siswa dalam berpikir dan berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris. Di bawah ini saya menuliskan lesson plan atau rencana pembelajaran menggunakan metode pembelajaran ESA (Engaged, Study, Activate).

Date               : 
Subject            : English
Grade              : 4th
Unit               : Family
Allocation of Time : 1 x 45 minutes
1. Competence Standard
Respond to simple verbal instructions in the context of class
2. Basic Competency
2.1  Respond with appropriate actions are acceptable in the context of the instructions class
2.2  Respond to simple verbal instructions in the context of class
3. Indicator
3.1  Ask and providing answers to someone
3.2  Recognize the term family relationships
3.3  Tell their respective families
4. Purpose of Learning
4.1  Students can ask and answer about someone in the family
4.2  Students can identify in terms of family relationships
4.3  Students dapatmenceritakan respective families
5. Learning Material
My Family
6. Learning Method
ESA (Engaged, Study, Activate)
7. Learning Activities
7.1  Initial Activities
7.1.1            Regards, teachers introduce themselves to students, say hello and give motivation to the students.
7.1.2            Teachers ask about lessons at a previous meeting and then relate the material to be studied.
7.1.3            Teachers communicate learning goals
7.2  Core Activities
7.2.1            Teachers show a video about family
7.2.2            Teacher explains the term family relationship.
7.2.3            Students were divided into 7 groups
7.2.4            Each group plays the role of family
7.2.5            Each group introduced the members of his family in front of the class
7.2.6            Teacher presents the video as an evaluation
7.2.7            Teacher gives a written test of the presented video
7.3  End Activities
7.3.1            Teachers provide students with opportunities to ask questions of the material that has been discussed and poorly understood.
7.3.2            Teacher tells the students about the material that will be studied at the next meeting.
7.3.3            Teachers end the lesson with a greeting.
8. Learning Resources
Grow with English Book for 4th Grade
Video about Family
9. Assessment
Oral test written test


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